Welcome to my guide! In here I will help you build a FS or Full Support Priest. There are so many ways on how to build a Priest character but for me this is the most suitable build since I am used to support roles. Again this is NOT the only way to build a priest.


Why choose Full Support

They are dead useful and rare to find in this game since most players are into other classes and roles. They can heal(and AoE heal too!), remove debuffs, bulk up teammates(buff hp,stats,etc.), and RESURRECT!


Starting a FS priest

Once your sprite reaches LEVEL 12, it can evolve into 2 forms. Pick the Divine Aqua Sprite (or wand) since Law Aqua Sprite (or relic) dont have healing skills except for Holy blessing since it is one of the default skills for priests.



Priorities, priorities..

Know your priorities. You will need SOUL ENERGY and EXP to level your skills.

(yes you read it right! you need to sacrifice EXP in order to upgrade a skill.)

If you want to keep up with the with your fellow players, CHOOSE which skill/s you want to UPGRADE.

(since im playing FS, I chose to max upgrade my HEALING and BUFF skills and only maxed 1 attack skill so that I can finish some of my quests w/o any help.)



Supporting Tips and Tricks..

Always stay LOW! You are not a tank or a hitter. YOU'RE A SUPPORT.

(Buff, Heal, Remove debuffs, EYES ON THE STATUS BAR.)

Practice HEALING at the MAXIMUM range to avoid being hit by AoE SKILLS.

(You can start at Circus' final boss since he's using AoE SKILLS.)


(Sometimes your character's position can be crucial in a battle. Your position can be the cause of your or your teammates DEATH.)

Increase your STAMINA/DEF/M.DEF as much as you can.

(You'll need these stats since you cant guarantee that you'll always be SAFE. You need to be a lil bit TANKY so that you can still support your team even if you're being attacked. Remember that DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE.)


Ok thats it for now. I will always keep on updating this if I find something new to share with you guys. Thank you so much for reading my guide. 

Charmaigne 21:29, December 17, 2013 (UTC)