In Alfheim  Tales Online, Each class has their own guardian sprie which always fly around players and grow up with their masters. Each guardian sprite has their unique Appearance and exclusive skills. Their skills and talents will directly affect the player's character performance in battle. when your guardian sprite reach certain level, you can upgrade it. when you upgrade its, their apperance will change, and new skills will opened to learn. Here are some step to upgrade your Sprite.

1. The First thing you must to do is think which genre of the sprite that you will choose or you can ask to other players.Edit

2. After that you must check the requirements to evolve your sprite.Edit

1st Evolve requirements

  • Sprite must be Level 12
  • You have 1 Sprite Crystal Shard in your bag.

2nd Evolve requirements 

  • Sprite must be Level 25
  • You have 2 Small Sprite Crystals and 2 Soul Energy Essences in your bag

3rd Evolve requirements

  • Sprite must be Level 40
  • You have 4 Soul Energy Essences and 4 Sprite Crystals in your bag

4th Evolve Requirements

  • Sprite must be Level 55
  • You have 6 Big soul energy Essences and 6 Big Sprite Crystals

if you can't remember that. you can check it anytime by pressing N on your keyBoard or click the sprite button at the bottom of the screen near the exp Bar.

3. Upgrading your guardian's levelEdit

  • Open the sprite panel by Pressing N then Click "Lvl Up"
  • Make sure you have enough soul Energy to upgrade them.
  • If you have enough soul energy. Click "Lvl Up" at the picture. the soul energy must 15301 to level up the guardian to lvl 31.

4. If you have all requirements go to the Class Altar. It's located in your class base. Go to Star City then press M on your keyboard then click on "Portal Guardian" after that click the name depend to your class. For example your class is assassins, click "Assassins Class base."Edit

5. If you have entered the class base, Press M and search for "Class Altar" on your map. then click it.Edit

  • Knight Base
  • Mage Base
  • Priest Base
  • Assassins Base

6. After that, open the sprite panel again (Press N or click the sprite button) and choose the picture to evolveEdit


Q: Where can i get the materials?

A: You can get it from instance in your class base. The NPC is near the class altar. talk to the NPC and buy the Scroll.

Q: Can you buy Special Chili Sauce anywhere?

A: This has been asked before on multiple sites, but they havent included that yet. Maybe in the next patch?