Forging System on Alfheim Tales Online is so easy and unique, you can have a max upgrade which means the strongest weapon with just one use of the "Perfect Enchanment" button on the Forge Window! So there's no DREAM anymore to have a PERFECT WEAPON. How to make it? Below are the instructions for Forging.

1. Enhancement

Enhancement system is the way to improve the Basic Stat and Additional Stat from your Weapon and Armor by increasing the Rank of equipment from +1 to +10. The Higher you raise the rank, The Higher you increase the stats of the Equipment.


Here's an example from +0 Thunder Light Helmet. 


Before you enhance make sure you have "Dawn Star"


Here's an example from +1 Thunder Light Helmet. 

You can see the different from +0 to +1

and now from +1 you will not have 100% percentage anymore, which means there's a chance to FAIL. You can see the percentage of success on the Forge window.

2.Perfect Enhancement

Perfect Enhancement is different from Normal Enhancement because it has 100% percentage of success from +1 to +10 Enhance Rank of your equipment; unlike normal Enhancement where there's a chance to get Fail when Enhancing from +1 to +10.


On this window you can see "Lucky Point". Lucky Point is needed to do a Perfect Enhancement. Without Lucky Point, you can't choose Perfect Enhance mode.

There's 2 Ways to get "Lucky Points". First, You will automatically get a little lucky points when you get FAIL on normal enhance. Second, shown below, is the fastest way to get many Lucky Points, which means the fastest way to get your MAX Enhancement !

Try Open Exchange window.

On Exchange window you can swap a Lucky Point to get a many Little Point to do Perfect Enhancement.

To swap a Lucky Point you need a Golden Ticket, which you can find on Mall system.

So, Get your DIAMOND now and make your Strongest Weapon & Armor !

3. Reforge

Reforge system is used for changes to the Additional Attributes on Equipment. With Reforge you can get the Additional Attributes that you want without changing your own equipment.


On this window we can see the Additional Attributes on that Weapon is "Intellect +54 and Crit +161"

Note: You can Free Reforge once a day


Now, after you do Reforge, you can see the Additional Attributes from the Weapon before is changing to "Intellect +45 and Hit Lvl +56"

Note: There's a Benefit for VIP on Reforge System, You can get an Advance, Super or Unique Reforge, that's better than Regular Reforge.

So, Be a VIP now, then you will have a different Additional Attributes from other Players !