Guilds play a big role in the world of Alfheim Tales Online. A Guild is where you can meet and socialize with players and friends who will help you as you embark on dangerous quests and instances. A Guild is nothing without its members, So the key to a successful guild is good leadership and cooperation.


Guild Formation

Creating A GuildEdit

In order to create a guild you must meet specific requirements:

  • You must be level 20 or higher to create a guild
  • You must have 300,00 crystals
  • Not a member of any guild that already exists

Adding, Removing and Promoting Members Edit

To Add A Member You Have Three Options:
  • Right click their name in a chat or their character and choose "Invite To Guild".
  • Open Guild Interface by pressing G and go to manage then look at the bottom of the box to see a "Recruit" Option and input the player's name
  • Application Method where players will apply using the guild list. Guild leaders have an option to accept and reject players.

To Remove A Member:

  • Open Guild Interface by pressing G and go to manage then choose the player that you want to remove and choose "Dismiss" which can be seen at the bottom of the box.

To Promote A Member:

  • Open Guild Inteface by pressing G and go to manage then choose the player you want to promote and look for the "Promote" option at the bottom of the box.
Guild Officer Rankings: Guild Leader, Deputy Guild Leader, Elite and member.

Establishing A Guild BaseEdit

Establishing a guild base is important because of  the benefits and resources that can be obtained such as Experience, Gold, Crystals, Enhance Items,Badges and more that will surely make a member happy and busy. You will need to enter an instance and defeat four boss monsters to pass the challenge

Guild Base Requirement:

  • Guild Leader must be level 25 or higher to activate the quest.
  • Take the quest " Guild Challenge" from Guild Officer Nante in Star City
  • Four level 25 members who will party with the guild leader to challenge the instance

Once you're done with the quest,

  • Check mailbox for a chest that will give guild funds.
  • You can enter the guild base via Officer Nante

Guild Buildings:

  • Commerce Hall
  • Treasury
  • Chamber
  • Seal Crystal
  • Guild Item Shop
  • Dungeon
  • Command Center
  • Farm
  • Fishery
  • Mine
  • Pasture
  • Sprite Spring
  • Factory

You can check the function of each building by opening the guild base interface by pressing G then select base. You will also see your guild's resources and maintenance fee in that tab.

Guild Quests and ResourcesEdit

Guild Quests can be taken once you enter the guild base. Every Guild quest is unique and has it's own rich
reward. You need to finish guild quests to increase your guild's resources which includes the guild's fund and element resources(Earth,Wind,Fire,Aqua).  Finishing a guild quest will increase your contribution and the guild's resources.

Other Guild Resource Option:

  • Donate 40k gold to increase your guild contribution and funds
  • Donate 40k gold to increase your guild contribution and guild elements

Upgrading Your Guild and Guild BuildingsEdit

To upgrade your guild, you must first upgrade your guild buildings. Every building has it's own requirement of elements and funds, so you better check it via guild interface first before deciding to upgrade.

What you need to upgrade A building:

  • Architectural Blueprint Shards - This can be obtained by doing Blueprint quests. This quests require you to finish instances and will vary depending on your level. 
Guild Npc: Guild Event Management.
  • Element and Fund Resources - As i said before you need this along with the blueprint shards to upgrade a building. 
Example: Guild Chamber - Guild Fund: 350/Fire Element: 228/Wind Element:228

Once you upgrade all guild buildings you can now buy a Guild Seal Crystal blueprint to upgrade your guild using blueprint shards.

Level 1 Guild going Level 2. Build a Sprite Spring,Factory,Commerce Hall,Chamber and Guild Item shop then buy Guild Seal Crystal.
Level 2 Guild going Level 3. Upgrade all buildings to level 2 and buy a Guild Seal Crystal blueprint to upgrade.

Guild Maintenance and CrisisEdit

The guild must be able to pay the maintenance via guild funds. You can check the maintenance fee by opening the guild base interface. The system will automatically deduct the fee every server reset.

What will happen if you didn't meet the quota?

  • The Guild will enter crisis mode.
  • In Guild crisis, All guild functions will be disabled and can only resume if you manage to pay the fee for the next reset.
  • A Guild Crisis Npc will showup in the base which will let you take quests to increase the guild's fund.
-Guild Crisis quest can only be done 5 times.