I. Introduction

II. Choosing the right pet.

III. Pet Class

IV. Type of Pet

V. Merging/Inherit Pet

VI. Hatching Pet

VII. Freeing Pet

VIII. Pet Upgrade/Enhance

IX. Pet Evolution/Skills

X. Farming Pet XP

XI. Bodukai Pet Bonus

XII. Pet Tame Skills

I. Introduction

Having pets is one of the most important part ingame, it enables the character to have more strength specially in PvP/Bodukai.

To be able to have a strong pet you have to work hard for it and maintain the right criteria as well as picking the right pet and giving the right skills.

Pets are mostly important in Bodukai; it gives a lot of potential to your character/pet when you win the match. 


II. Choosing the right pet

Confused which pet you should choose? Confused whether you should pick a Physical or Magical pet? There are differences in terms of Bodukai and PvP.

In terms of Bodukai, it doesn't matter whether you pick the Physical or Magical pet. It will just depend on the bonus your pet has.

But in terms of PvP they have a bit of a difference! Magical pets do continuous damage giving advanced damage to the opponent, and when chasing the opponent, long range magic attacks can still cast to the target. But still they have less HP in battle so they have the risk to die easily when encountering the attacks.

In terms of Physical pets, they do more damage but lack range in casting attacks. They have to get close first to deal the damage.

But in terms of endurance, they have the best probability to survive in the battle.

III.Pet class

There are 8 different classes of pets. 

Earth, Aqua, Wind, Fire, Air, Grass, Ghost, and Toxin

Choosing pet class doesn't matter in PvP and Budokai unless you improve them rightfully.

IV. Type of pet

There are 4 Types of pets:

Green, Blue, Orange, and Pink.

Green - is the most common and easy to obtain pet. You can get this pet by farming in Paradise Island.

Blue - is the next advanced pet to a common pet. They are bit hard to obtain. Can be obtained through instances.

Orange - is the next rare pet to advanced pet that is extremely hard to obtain unless you use the Item Mall. They're easy to obtain if you're a "maller". Can be obtained through Mall/Daily Heroic Instances/NPC.

Pink - is the next mystical pet to rare pet that is severe drastic to obtain. Can be obtained through Chaos Arena/Abyss Mode.


V. Merging/Inherit

There are 3 types of inheriting or merging your pet.

Common, Elite, and Perfect.

Common inheriting is most commonly used in-game because its free

Elite inheriting can only be done if you're VIP 5. Can obtain elite items after inheriting.

Perfect inheriting can only be done if you're VIP 7. Can obtain perfect items after inheriting.


~...Rules of Inheriting pets

1. The major pet can only inherit once, unbound pet will be bound after inheritance.

2. The major pet's color, look and skill will remain the same. The material pet will disappear after the inheritance. Please note to operate.

3. The major pet will obtain a certain rate of the material pet's level enhance, level star, and the quality improvement.

4. The major pet and the material pet's color / difference of carry level will affect inheritance. The material pet with higher card color / carry level, the inheritance effect will be better.

VI. Hatching pet

When hatching your pet there are different items that will be needed:

Gold can be obtained through events. Chess Hall / Magical Experiment / Events / Top-UP

Common Card can be obtained through Egg Event 

Advance Card can be obtained through Activity Chest 

Specific Pet Card can be obtained through Heroic / Mall

Soul Stone can be obtained in Quest / Events

VII. Freeing pet

In freeing a pet you can obtain items depending on the type of your pet.

Common Pet = Gives Junior Star Power I

Advance Pet = Gives Junior Star Power II

Rare Pet = Gives Junior Star Power III

Pink Pet = * I've not yet tried freeing this type of pet *


VIII. Pet upgrade/enhance

Pet enhance:

By enhancing your pet it enables it to increase its Potential attribute and Secondary attribute.

The higher enhanced level your pet is, the more potential and secondary attributes it has.

You need pet enhance stone to enhance your pet

You can obtain  enhance stones via Mall or doing the quest of Ezra - the prize being Pet Enhance Stone Shard.

3 X Pet Enhance Stone Shard = Enhance stone

Pet Upgrade:

Upgrading enables your pet to increase its potential and secondary attributes yet again.

The higher Star level your pet has, the more potential and secondary attribute it will receive.

In order to upgrade the star level of your pet you need 3 Star Powers :

Common pet = Junior Star Power I  

Advance pet = Junior Star Power II

Orange Pet = Junior Star Power III

NOTE: You can obtain Junior star power by freeing pet.

IX. Pet evolution/skills


Evolving your pet will change your pet appearance and also improve your pets attributes.

In order to evolve your pet you need these 2 different kinds of Evolve Stone:

Lv20 : Evolve Stone 1 * 30k Gold *

Lv40 : Evolve Stone 2 * 60k Gold *

You can buy these too in Paradise Island from Homer

In order to buy these items you need Pet Coupon which can be obtained in Pet Quest.

..and don't forget the Gold!


In order to get a skill you must have Pet skill stone Can be acquired through Mall.

There are two types of skills:

Manual Skill and Auto Skill


In the Skill tab there are two navigation thats you can see the

Seal Button and Forget Button




X. Farming pet exp

In farming pet you just have to do instances / Quests / Events 

For quests just go to Rola

After talking to her she will give you a Farm Workday Ticket

Double click it and do the Instance.

Instructions will be discussed when you're in the farm.

XI. Bodukai pet exp

In doing Bodukai, pet bonus gives a huge help to your character.


It enhances the Winning Stability of your character. It gives stats to your character and enhances him/her.

In order to get a high Pet bonus You must do/need these things :

Pet Level : Must be 41 or over

Enhance Level : Must be 6 or over

Star Level : Must have 2 or more

Evolution : Must be in evolution phase 2 or higher

XII. Pet tame skills


Pet tame tab

To get a Tame Skill you need a Pet Training Skill that can be bought using Pet Coupon

You can buy Pet Training Skills from Ingot.

Each skill need a specific Pet Training Skill.



Dragonsnot's note: Some of these pictures are from the Alfheim Tales website and the rest all belong to the original poster Joceprince. I've merely tweaked and edited. Enjoy.