in the world of ATO, pets are your companion. There's so many varieties of pets:

Fire, Earth, Wind, Aqua, Air, Ghost, Toxin, and Grass.

Pets can help you in battle, and also raise your Battle power in Budokai :D

The stronger your pet, the more they give you bonus power!

You can enchant them to raise its Level,

Upgrading their star level using junior star power

and Evolving them to make them stronger,

On this page i will tell some info on how to obtain a Junior star power :D

Lacking Junior star power ??Edit

As we know to upgrade the star level in our pet, we need an item called junior star power :D

Upgrading a star can make your pet stronger. Each star will add more Potential pow

Upgrading star power

er to your pet, its an essential part which boosts your pet power.

Yet some player having a hard time to obtaining it and thus making their pet stronger becomes harder..

But dont worry! You can get a star power easilly by doing this :) , please read carefully okay ^_^

as we know each day you can hatch a pet for free without paying a gold right :D So what is the connection between hatching a free pet with Junior star power ??

That is, after you hatch it you can set it free, and after you set the pet free they'll give you a Junior star power :D

The kind of junior star power you get will be based on which pet you set free for example:

  1. a carry level 10 pet will gives you : Junior star power I
  2. a carry level 25 pet will gives you : Junior star power II

And also the quantity of junior star power you get will also be based on which star level the pet you released was.

For example, you hatch a bear and he has 3 stars already; when you set it free you willl get 3-4 Junior Star power I :D

I guess that's all i can say on how to obtain the junior star power :D

Oh you can use this trick to earn gold to :) some player willing to pay for that junior star power so you can hatch pet set it free and then sell the Junior star for Gold ^_^

i hope this trick would help some new player in the game hehehe.